I’m usually on the receiving end of story telling, but there are moments when I’ve found value in documenting my own thoughts and experiences.

The first such moment occurred when I travelled to Palestine for the first time as an adult (KTH Blog). I had not yet realized it at the time, but the reflections I attempted to put into words during those 3 weeks would become the point at which I finally challenged my thoughts, developed my own opinions, and recognized the importance of my ability to relate to any one soul.

I would no longer blindly follow a compulsory structured curriculum of education but take what works for me, create what doesn’t currently exist, and trigger the innate desire to absorb knowledge.

I would no longer require the comfort of all that is familiar, but develop faith in what can be incredible once I take the plunge and learn from what isn’t.

I would no longer limit my relationships to those with whom I have everything in common, but pinpoint and highlight what traits I find wonderful within each individual.

Many years later, I have graduated university, began a career, have decided to drop everything to return to the Middle East with the single goal of learning Arabic and I find myself at another point in my life where I see value in documenting what happens.

This time around, however, I’m not limiting myself to the theme of my identity. I am creating this space to reflect on all that I experience and value, whether it be how I feel as I finally acquire the language I’ve yearned to speak or the straight up struggle during my first triathlon.


Here’s to reflection, new lessons, and continuing on this beautiful adventure of life.


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