The Room From Where I Write

Returning from a writing hiatus, I'm starting off slow and dipping my toes in the creative space. Let me know what you think...


NAAP Reads: An Ishmael of Syria (AUG 2017)

The first of what will be many post-NAAP Reads book club analysis posts. Check out a preview of the type of discussions we have at the finest book club of the nation focused on Arab writers. #NAAPReads

Part 1: Dalia(s)

Amman has provided a vehicle to transport me through my ongoing journey of self-exploration and acted as an anchor to bring me back when I’ve ventured too far from who I am.

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

Learning Arabic has illuminated critical practices that need to be exercised when specifically learning a language... and I highlight them here. (...officially my favorite post yet) This post is dedicated to all the Arabs in the Diaspora picking up or who want to pick up the Arabic language.

Taking the Plunge

I’m continuously running into roadblocks but life resumes again and you pick yourself up and continue on your course. You just have to take the plunge, have a little faith, and enjoy the bumpiness of the road on which you travel.

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